Find Full-Fledged Details of Flight Delays and Cancellation of Air Canada

Take off with Air Canada flights and experience the next level flying experience. Do you know what’s so special about Air Canada flights? We keep our customers on the top priority list and thus we try our level best to fulfil all the needs and requirements of the customers while they are flying with us. Our deluxe flights won’t burn your pockets as the flight tickets here are extremely cheap. So, if you want your vacations to be cheap and affordable then make air Canada reservations by calling at Air Canada reservations number +1-877-822-0001.

Let’s Get into The Norms and Policies of Air Canada

We believe that customers before flying with us should be aware of all the policies of Air Canada flights and thus we are here to provide you all the necessary information about Air Canada flights before you make Air Canada reservations.

Policies of Air Canada Flight Delays

If the Flight Is Delayed 2hours Or More:

In such situation you can change your Air Canada reservations at no cost and choose a new departure date and you can even choose a new return flight to match the same length at the same time. You can also ask for refund for the unused portion of your flight tickets.

If the Flight Is Delayed 4 hours Or More:

In such case, if the situation is caused within Air Canada’s control, then our travel agent will contact you immediately and offer you exciting meal voucher for use at our luxurious airport restaurant.

If the Flight Is Delayed 8 hours Or More:

If the situation has caused within Air Canada’s control then you will not only get meal vouchers but also transportation to and from airport and accommodation as well. But if the situation is not under Air Canada’s control then our agent will provide hotel information that you can get valued at customer rates.

For more information about your flight reservation policy, you may call us at Air Canada reservations number +1-877-822-0001.

Policies of Air Canada Flight Cancellation

In case if your flight is cancelled and it’s within our airline’s control then our agents will do anything to help you.

We will rebook your next available Air Canada flight within 7 days of your original travel date.

In case there is no flight available the next day, then we will provide certain expenses and provide meal vouchers, accommodations and transportation from airport.

You can even retain the unused portion of your flight ticket and use it further in your future travel or ask for full refund as well.

We want your flying experience to be out of the world with full comfort and luxury. For any flight assistance our customer executives are always available 24×7 at Air Canada reservations number +1-877-822-0001. We assure you that we will help you with all sorts of flight related assistance and provide you 100% customer satisfaction.

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